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This short video gives an excellent overview on working with a real estate agent to find a home. This agent explains everything very clearly. She is an agent based in California and their terminology is just a little different. When she explains the escrow company, she is talking about the home closing. And in Virginia you get the keys at the end of closing. Buying a home is a big decision. It is normal to be a little nervous and unsure about things. But you will find that this can be completely eliminated by simply taking the time to become informed about the process. That is the goal of this website. Get more free tips and advice for buying a home.

If you are interested in homes for sale in Hampton VA, homes for sale in Newport News VA, or homes for sale in Yorktown VA, we provide free information and free assistance. Request Assistance

This video is a very good overview of the home loan process. It can create a lot of stress when buying a home which can be eliminated by understanding the mortgage loan process. It is very important to keep in mind that there are two separate things happening when buying a home. On one hand you are working with a real estate agent to search for homes and complete all the paperwork, as explained in the first video. Then you are working with a bank, credit union, or mortgage company etc. to get approved for the money to pay for, and finance, the home. The two are closely connected because obviously you would not be doing one if you were not also doing the other. But they are a completely separate process. And many find it extremely beneficial to complete a lot of the loan process first. And then start working with a real estate agent.

We are Peninsula Homes Realty. Members of the Realty Assist Network. Realty Assist is a Nationwide Network of Realtor’s, Real Estate Professionals, and Mortgage Finance Professionals in all 50 states in America. But our company is focused on the Virginia Peninsula Real Estate market.

Every day our network helps hundreds of individuals & couples looking to buy a home… and existing homeowners who need to sell a home.

And for over 15 years Peninsula Homes Realty has helped many families, and individuals just like you, buy homes in Hampton, Newport News, York County, Poquoson, and the surrounding areas.

Many of whom never thought they would be able to own their homes!

We are based on the Virginia Peninsula, however we can assist you with the purchase of a home on the south side, or anywhere in the entire state of Virginia.

But if you are particularly interested in homes for sale in Hampton VA, homes for sale in Newport News VA, or homes for sale in Yorktown VA, this website is your source for Virginia Peninsula Real Estate. We provide free home search tools, and assistance with the entire buying, or selling, process from beginning to closing.

Plus, we provide Free Home Buyer Education. Even those who may have felt they could not own a home due to past credit problems. rightbluearrow

For instance, did you know that if you’ve had a past bankruptcy that is at least 18 months to 2 years old, there are finance programs available that may allow you to buy a home right now! This is the kind of information that we can assist you with.

This website also provides a Free Home Search for homes currently available in Hampton Va, Newport News Va, York County Va, and the surrounding areas:


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